Protestant Nonconformity in Claybrooke Magna and Parva

Site of former Wesleyan chapel in Claybrooke Magna
Site of former Wesleyan chapel in Claybrooke Magna

The house of Presbyterian William Stratton, in Nether Claybrook, was licensed for worship in 1672.[1] No nonconformists were noted in Claybrooke in 1676.[2]

No nonconformist congregations are recorded here in 1829.

Wesleyan Methodists

When the foundation stone of a new Wesleyan Chapel was laid in Claybrooke Magna in August 1882 it was said that there had been a Methodist presence in Claybrooke in 1836, although it had become ‘extinct’. In 1878 services began again initially in the house of Mr John Wright, and then in a barn belonging to a Mr Ball. A site for a chapel was then located and purchased for £80, and fundraising got underway for a chapel building to seat 140 people and a room for a Sunday school, at an estimated cost of £440. [3] It was demolished in c. 2010.



The existence of a chapel for Independents was noted in 1855, but nothing more has yet been traced about this congregation.[4]

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