Schools in Kilby, 1818-51

Kilby is in the Blaby district of Leicestershire. It is located around 7 miles south of the city.

Daily schools for poorer families in 1818 (population 331 in 1811)

There were 3 daily schools for ‘little children’ from poorer families in the village, attended by 61.

Curate Henry Kebbel, noted that the inhabitants of Kilby and Newton Harcourt, with the assistance of Sir Henry Halford, wanted to set up a free school under the Madras system. They intended to apply to the National Society for a grant towards the cost.

Daily schools in 1833 (population 434 in 1831)

One of the daily schools mentioned above must have closed, as while three daily schools were recorded, one of these had only opened in 1831. The two longer-established schools were attended by 36 children and the new school by 8. The gender distribution was roughly equal. They were supported partly by a private charity, but chiefly by payments from the parents.

Daily schools connected to the Anglican Church in 1846-7

There was a dame’s school attended by 10 boys and 10 girls, which was supported by Lady Halford and small payments from the parents. The building was described as ‘not secured’. The attempts made by Sir Henry Halford to establish a National School, mentioned in 1818, had failed, but his son was keen to see this established, although ‘the same reasons which induced the late Baronet to abandon his purpose still exist, so that nothing can be done in the matter for some little time to come’.

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Sunday schools

In 1818

One Sunday school existed in the village, attended by around 60 children. It was supported by annual subscriptions.

In 1833

One Sunday school is noted in the village, where 28 males and 31 females were taught gratuitously.

Anglican Sunday school in 1846-7

In the 1846-7 church returns, Kilby is linked with Weston (sic. – presumably Wistow). There was a Sunday school united with the National Society that taught 33 boys and 27 girls from the two villages. The master of this school was paid £6 6s.

In 1851

On 30th March 1851, 47 children attended the Sunday school in the afternoon session. According to this same return, the average attendance was of between 50 and 60 in the morning session and of around 50 in the afternoon.

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