Schools in Queniborough, 1818-51

Queniborough is a small rural parish located within the Wreake Valley in the North Eastern corner of Leicestershire. It is seven miles north-east of the county town of Leicester and nine miles south-west of the market town of Melton Mowbray.

Queniborough National School was built in 1846
Queniborough National School was built in 1846

Daily schools for poorer families in 1818 (population 446 in 1811)

Queniborough returned “None” and commented that “The poorer classes have not the means of educating their children.

Daily Schools  in 1835 (population 518 in 1831)

Two daily schools where 20-40 children of both sexes received tuition at the expense of their parents.

Daily Schools connected to the Anglican Church in 1846-7

Two ‘Sunday and day’ schools with a total of 55 male and 68 female pupils. There was one paid master and one paid mistress. The master was paid £50. The total cost of maintaining the school was £60 and it was supported by payments and subscriptions. It was noted that the school had been established for one year through the combined exertions of the vicar and inhabitants. The land had been purchased and a school and house would be built when funds allowed. The funds in 1846-7 were inadequate to support the school, amounting to just £47 12s. of the £60 needed to run it.

Sunday Schools

Sunday schools in 1818

Queniborough returned “None”

Sunday Schools in 1835

There was an Anglican Sunday schools with 40 students of both sexes and a Sunday School associated with the General Baptist Church which started in 1823 and educated 76 students.

Anglican Sunday School in 1846-7

37 male and 62 female students attended the ‘Day and Sunday School’, and a further 18 male and 6 female pupils attended the school which was only held on Sundays.

Sunday Schools in 1851

Two Sunday schools were held on Sunday 30 March 1851. At the Anglican church there were 49 people present in the morning and 15 in the evening, while at the Baptist church, 42 scholars attended in the afternoon.

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