Protestant Nonconformity in Branston (by Belvoir)

The village of Branston is in the extreme north-east of Leicestershire, about 13 miles north of Melton Mowbray, and close to Belvoir Castle.

A single dissenter was noted in the village in 1706, but none in 1709 or 1712.[1] In 1851 there was a Wesleyan Reform ‘preaching house’ in Branston which could accommodate 40 worshippers. Said to have been built in 1850, and not used exclusively for worship, there were 35 people who attended the only service of the day, in the evening, on Sunday 30 March 1851.[2]

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[1] J. Broad (ed.), Bishop Wake’s Summary of Visitation Returns from the Diocese of Lincoln, 1706-1715 (Oxford, 2012), II, p. 753

[2] TNA, HO 129/418/72

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