Protestant Nonconformity in Osgathorpe

Osgathorpe in a small village in north Leicestershire, about 8 miles west of Loughborough

The house of Willliam Rabins, a Presbyterian, was licensed for dissenting meetings in 1672.[1] There were no nonconformists enumerated in 1676.[2]

General Baptists

A meeting of 25 General Baptists was recorded in 1829, assembling in a single room.[3] There was no return to the 1851 Religious census.

Primitive Methodists

In 1829, 20 Primitive Methodists met in a room in the village.[4] There was no return to the 1851 Religious census.

Wesleyan Methodists

A Wesleyan congregation met in 1829, numbering some 30 people.[5] A chapel was built in 1835, with 100 free and 29 other sittings. The only service on census Sunday in 1851 was held in the afternoon, and attended by 35 worshippers.[6]


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