Protestant Nonconformity in Saltby

Saltby is a village in Leicestershire, north of Melton Mowbray and close to the border with Lincolnshire.

Wesleyan Methodism is the only denomination with a recorded presence, but the sources offer only a limited insight into its history within the village. Thus, while the 1851 religious census noted that a Methodist chapel was built in 1809,[1] no return was made to the 1829 return of meeting houses.

There is evidence of expansion from the 1840s. The chapel was extended in 1845, with a capacity for eighty (seated) and forty (standing) worshippers.[2] This would have given it a rather full appearance on the day of the 1851 religious census, with seventy-two worshippers recorded as present in the afternoon service and fifty-two in the evening.[3]

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