Protestant nonconformity in Stoney Stanton

Living Rock church, Stoney Stanton
Living Rock church, Stoney Stanton
Stoney Stanton Wesleyan Chapel
Stoney Stanton Wesleyan Chapel

stoney cong2

Stoney Stanton Congregational Chapel
Stoney Stanton Congregational Chapel





No Conventicle was recorded within this parish in 1669.[1] In 1676 there were 130 conformists and just one nonconformist.[2]

Little is known about the number of nonconformists in the 19th century. William Broughton’s house was registered as a meeting house for Protestant dissenters in 1814,[3] but no meeting house was recorded in the return of 1829. No return was made to the 1851 religious census.

Congregational worship

There was a Congregation Chapel erected in 1868 which had 180 sittings.[4] A foundation stone was laid by R. Walker Esq. of Leicester (see photograph). There is a modern extension to the side. The date of closure is yet to be discovered, but in 2014 the building, which appears to be in poor condition, was used by the Scouts.

Wesleyan Methodism

A Wesleyan Chapel was built in 1886 which could accommodate 150 people.[5]  It was a tiny building, squeezed between houses on Hinckley Road, and still in use as a chapel in 2014. Four dated foundation stones can be seen, all dated 24th November, 1886

R. Stanley Esq of Nuneaton

Miss Matilda Toon of Earl Shilton

Miss E. A. Cotton of Earl Shilton

John Morley Esq of Birmingham


Living Rock

The modern Living Rock church is in a converted factory building on Station Road.


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