Protestant Nonconformity in Peckleton, 1829-1916

Peckleton is 8 miles west of Leicester and 6 miles north-east of Hinckley.



Wesleyan Methodists

There was no distinction given to the various denominations of Methodists in in the Meeting House Return of 1829 with the return giving a congregation of 70 ‘Methodists’ meeting in the village.[1] However, as a Wesleyan chapel was built in the village in 1820 and no other is recorded, it is likely that these Methodists were Wesleyans. This early chapel was exclusively used for worship and as a Sunday school, and had free seating for 100 people.  

On Sunday 30 March 1851 there were services the afternoon and evening, attracting congregations of 49 and 86 respectively. No averages of congregational size were given for comparative purposes. The Sunday school on the same day only met in the afternoon, when 41 scholars attended. Again no average figures for Sunday school attendance were given.[2]

No new buildings, re-building or extensions to the original chapel have been identified and the building referenced in 1916 is probably the original 1820 building although this cannot be positively asserted without visiting the village.[3]



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