Protestant Nonconformity in Kilby, 1829-1916

Kilby is 4 miles south-east of Blaby and 9 miles north-east of Lutterworth.

Independent or Congregationalist

‘Independents’ numbered 150 worshippers in the Meeting House Return of 1829.[1] They used a chapel that was built in 1819 exclusively for their worship by Mr John Langham at a cost of £260.[2] In 1851 the ‘Independent or Congregationalist’ worshippers (as they were now called) used the chapel, which was capable of providing 120 free seats. The congregation on Sunday 30 March 1851 attended only an evening service, which had an assembly of 83 worshippers. No average congregations were reported and neither was any Sunday school.[3]

The chapel was still in use in 1881.[4] It was replaced in 1887 by a small Congregational chapel capable of seating 100 worshippers.[5]

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