You can make a difference

There is no government funding for Leicestershire VCHT project – we rely on private grants, donations and subscriptions to continue our work.

You could help us to expand by making a donation or leaving a legacy in your Will. Your gift will enable the Trust to continue its valuable work and enable countless people to understand the importance of their heritage. Together we can ensure that knowledge is passed on to future generations.

There are several different types of legacy –

Residuary Legacy – a gift of the residue or a share of the residue of your estate. Residue is whatever is left after all debts, funeral expenses, certain other costs. Tax and any other legacies have been deducted.

Specific Legacy – a gift of a particular named item: for example, a painting, piece of jewellery, shares etc.

Pecuniary Legacy – a gift of a fixed sum of money. The value of a pecuniary Legacy will reduce over time as the cost of living increases.

Leaving a charitable legacy in your Will can also help reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax that will be due. Your solicitor is the best person to advise you how to proceed.

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