Protestant Nonconformity in Sapcote, 1829-1916

Sapcote is 5 miles east of Hinckley and 13 miles south-west of Leicester.


Wesleyan Methodists

There was no distinction given to the various denominations of Methodists in the Meeting House Return of 1829, with the return giving a congregation of 300 in an ‘unspecified Methodist’ category.[1] However, as a Wesleyan chapel was built in the village in 1805 and no other is recorded, it is likely that these Methodists were Wesleyans.[2]

The chapel was exclusively used for worship and it had free seating for 60 and other seating for 200 people.  This is smaller than the reported congregation size of 300 recorded in 1829. The chapel was built at a cost of £470 and the addition of a gallery in 1825 was another £150. In 1842 a school-room was built adjoining the chapel. [3] A new Wesleyan chapel was built in 1904 to take the place of this earlier one and it had seating for 240 worshippers.[4]

On Sunday 30 March 1851 there was a service in the afternoon and evening. These two services attracted a congregation of 72 and 52 respectively. There was no Sunday school reported on that day and no averages for congregational size and Sunday school attendance were given.[5]



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