Protestant Nonconformity in Tugby, 1829-1916

Tugby is 3 miles east of Billesdon and 14 miles south of Melton Mowbray.

No response from Tugby survives to the Meeting House Return of 1829, and it is possible there were no nonconformist congregations meeting in the village at that date.

Wesleyan Methodists

Tugby Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
Tugby Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

A Wesleyan chapel was built in 1844 at a cost of £150.[1] It was a separate building and used exclusively for worship. It had 50 free and 40 other seats. On Sunday 30 March 1851 the information given was that there was no morning service and that there was an average congregation of about 50 without specification as to times.[2]

The chapel was converted to a private house in c.1980.

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