Protestant Nonconformity in Bruntingthorpe

Bruntingthorpe is 6 miles north-east of Lutterworth, and about 10 miles south of Leicester.

No illegal religious meetings were noted here in 1669,[1] and in 1676 only three nonconformists were noted as living in the village.[2] Rector David Brunning informed Bishop Wake in 1706 that ‘there are only 3 dissenters, who sometimes go to the Presbyterian, sometimes to the Anabaptist meetings. They had formerly a conventicle in this parish, but lately it has been disused’. There were still three dissenters in 1709.[3]

Robert Bingley’s house was licensed for dissenting meetings in 1729, but the denomination which met here is not recorded.[4]

Forty Baptists were said to meet in a house here in 1829.[5] They built a chapel in 1845, with 50 free and 50 other seats. There was just one service on 31 March 1851, attended by 94 people.[6]



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